Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hal Cel-shader

Still playing around with the cel-shaders in Maya to find a look I like for my film. Here's a little test for the main character Hal using three different shaders. They're pretty similar but still a little different.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Senior Film

This blog is dedicated to following the production of my senior film "The Monster Hunter". It is going to be a 3D computer animated short. I will be utilizing Maya to model and animate the characters. I want the final look of the final to be pseudo-2D so I will be using some shaders or different rendering options.
The story focuses on an incompetent monster hunter named Hal and his struggle to find happiness. He encounters the "monster" one day and proceeds to try and capture it. Hilarity and gags ensue and Hal learns something about himself at the end.
Here are the two characters for the film, Hal the Monster Hunter and the Monster.


Hey all, this will be the production blog for my senior film entitled "The Monster Hunter" which is still a working title. This is my senior thesis project for my final year at CCS.